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Disrupting Global Fashion Through Technology

We create, invest, and acquire e-commerce fashion brands, injected a sophisticated technological backbone to manage marketing, sales, production and fulfillment.


We build sophisticated algorithms, scripts, and AI based solutions to manage all aspects of the commerce supply chain and sale process. Our main guiding principal is that everything can be optimized and automated.


We create iconic fashion brands by combining strategy, research, design and technology to create unique experiences that inspire, engage, and convert effectively and tirelessly.and engaging experiences that

Production & Design

We understand that to succeed in the fast-paced world of e-commerce fashion, there is a need for high tech solutions in the "old world" of production.


Sunbek Ventures provide capital, technology, and comprehensive supply chains solutions to help brands and fashtech startups grow.

technology first


We believe in driving success with innovative solutions. Our goal is to give the most advanced and powerful solutions to our group of brands that drive intelligent decisions, automate processes and accelerate growth.
Complete solution


We provide a comprehensive end-2-end approach to Commerce by combining our eCommerce platform with our own global Supply Chain infrastructure helping the brands we work with thrive

Capital for the Next Generation of Consumer Brands

We invest in fashion brands with POC and initial customer based that can grow using our technological backbone.

We invest in e-commerce related startups that can grow using our massive brands and customer base.
What we do


We have developed and optimized an eCommerce solution that gives you the power to offer your customers a unique and engaging online experience on a global scale. Allowing you to focus on what you’re good at; developing world-class products

Manage & Optimise Inventory

Integration with multiple eCommerce platforms enabling efficient and seamless order management straight through to pick, pack and ship.

Shipping Services & Carrier Integration

We provides a carrier broker integration module that identifies and selects the most efficient and cost effective carrier options.

Global Distribution Centers

With combined global capacity to manage over 10 million products annually, our Supply Chain distribution services are at the very heart of what we do every minute of every day


ROI focused marketing. Period.

Store ROI Optimization

Using the most advanced tools and constant a/b testing and optimization to increase sales and ROI

After Sales

Customer service, easy global returns, and customer satisfaction monitoring and improvement


What are partners are saying

When true trust has been established, you become one. And that's our vision for each investment and partnership we take

“I had no idea how much I don't know about selling online until we started working together. I got a team of 20 experts for the price of one partner ”

Sammy Ricci
Campo Inc
“There are plenty of companies who can promise you the moon. With Sunbek it's the complete opposite. They didn't promise anything that they couldn't guarantee, and that's when they earned my trust”

Gil Green
N/A Fashion
“To be perfectly honest, my business was doing good before Sunsave ventures. After we signed, still nothing changed, but after 4 months, we started to explode. So many lessons learned”

Joey Catello
Fresh Wear Inc

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