About Us

About Us


Our Epic team helps visionaries and entrepreneurs discover, master, and unleash their e-comm power: no bells and whistles, no smoke and mirrors, just tangible ROI impact. Our unique approach, honed over two decades, and fusing design, technology, and creativity, has created some of the most successful, prominent, and well-known fashion brands in the online arena


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Our approach

Data driven, technology led.

Such a simple sentence hides the most complicated work. Data navigates where we need to go, technology gets us there in a fast, efficient, and scaleable way.

Our values


We're honestly brutal in a constructive form.


We have less than 1% resignation rate. Which means we're basically gonna be together forever with most of our employees.

No B.S

We have so much work to do, we can't waste time on this 🙂

Fast Fast Fast

With millions of customers visiting our sites daily, every small change or fix can make a difference. Every minute that passes, is a minute lost

Measure Everything

Almost everything in the digital world can be measured. We make sure it happens

Happy Customers

Marketing is worth absoultly nothing, if your customers don't be come your number one advocates. We do whatever it takes to make our customers smile

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