Marketing Campaign Optimization by Profit

Client Overview

Industry: E-commerce retail, operating exclusively on Shopify.

Background: The client faced a complex challenge with various shipping costs, differing product margins, and fluctuating campaign CPA, necessitating a unique approach to marketing campaign optimization.


Problem: With factors like product margins, country-specific shipping costs, and varying campaign CPA influencing actual profit, traditional ROI measurements were insufficient. The client sought a more nuanced approach to optimize actual profit.

Impact: The inability to accurately gauge profit across diverse products and regions led to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.


Approach: Developed a marketing campaign optimization system that factored in unique profit determinants.

Implementation: The system adjusted campaign spending based on real-time data, including product margins, shipping costs, and actual CPA. This focus on profit optimization provided a more accurate marketing strategy.

Benefits: The client could target campaigns effectively, aligning spending with profit potential.

Profit-focused optimization has been a game-changer. We can now invest with confidence, knowing that spending aligns with real profit. It's a smarter way to market our products.


Profit Increase: Achieved a 17% increase in profit by aligning campaigns with actual profit potential.

Efficiency Gains: Reduced wasted ad spend by 10%, increasing overall profitability.

Strategic Insight: Gained insights into profit drivers, enabling more informed marketing decisions.

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