Salesforce to Gorgias: Streamlining Support and Cutting Costs

Client Overview

Industry: Fashion, with multiple brands operating on Shopify and Magento.

Background: The client was using Salesforce and an omni-channel solution for handling customer support tickets. The complexity and cost of these systems were not aligned with their needs.


Problem: Salesforce was too complex for the client’s operations, leading to unnecessary expenses for features they didn’t need or use. The client was missing essential tools and facing difficulties in managing customer support across multiple brands.

Impact: Inefficiencies in operation, high costs, and a disjointed customer support experience.


Approach: Replaced both Salesforce and the omni-channel solution with Gorgias, which offers a more streamlined and integrated approach.

Implementation: Leveraged Gorgias’s tight integrations with Shopify and Magento to unify customer support across all brands. The transition to Gorgias eliminated unnecessary complexity and provided a more tailored solution.

Benefits: Simplified operation with all customer support needs managed within one system.

"Switching to Gorgias was a transformational decision for our business.
Not only did we save significantly, but our operations are now more streamlined and effective."


Cost Savings: Reduced yearly costs by $100,000.

Operational Efficiency: Achieved a smoother and more efficient operation, with everything managed in one system.

Customer Support Improvement: Enhanced customer support experience through better integration and ease of use.

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