Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Sunbek International proudly maintains the highest standards of social accountability


We believe that every person has a right to decent, humane and safe working conditions. Prior to the placement of production, factories are evaluated against our Vendor Code of Conduct and local labor laws, and thereafter are frequently monitored to ensure continued compliance.

The Vendor Code strictly prohibits child and forced labor, harassment, abuse and discrimination. Among other standards, we require that suppliers maintain a healthy and safe working environment, freedom of association, restriction on working hours and proper payment of wages.

Training is a key part of our program. Our internal audit team provides factories with guidance including mandatory annual educational seminars to provide updates on local labor laws and to review case studies and best practices as well as other related topics.


Our commitment to diversity is based on respect for the individual, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, country of origin, preferences or ideas. Offices located around the world are staffed by a family of culturally diverse associates and backed by suppliers from over 30 countries, generating an open and dynamic environment which positively impacts all areas of our business.


We strive to increase responsible stewardship on a daily basis, from materials sourcing to fabrication and throughout the supply chain. Together with our retail partners, we have made substantial progress towards reducing the quantity of packaging materials and increasing the quality of component materials, in some instances removing poly bags on replenishment programs, increasing quantities-per-shipment, printing hangtags on partially-recycled papers, and producing clothing with organic materials or recycled polyester.


Sunbek international and its associates are proud to contribute time and resources to the efforts of a number of international, national and local initiatives and charities which help strengthen our global communities. Through giving back to the people and institutions around us, we are able to transform our position as one of the country’s top apparel producers into an agent of positive and responsible change.